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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Life means!

To me life means to be brave, strong and tought! You can't always be first but you can try to do your best, you can try to be your best and try to listen and not lie or complain! and just be thankful your living! Live like a tree!

I love my live!

Everyday I....

Everyday I....
1.Draw,Paint and Write
2. Usally don't listen to my parents!
3.Go to school :(
5.Play with my family and friends
6.Play on consoles 24/7
7.Eat candy
8.Do homework :(


Hi I'm Ky this are my top five favourite things!
1.Consoles (like a p.s.3)
2.Yu-gi-oh crading card game
3.Drawing and painting
4.Play with clay
5.Reading and Writing