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Monday, 19 March 2012

Follow Up from March Break Must-do's!

So I wanted to post a picture of me making a funny face but I decided my family funny face picture was better!
Thanks Kayla for taking this funny face picture!!!=D

So to wrap up march break here is what did:

My dad made banana bread - and I ate most of them! We did make St. Patrick's Day cupcakes - and I ate them....
Since the weather was sooooooo nice, we went to the park most days, had a picnic, played soccer and road hockey! Yeah

I DID NOT have time to master LEGO star wars III because I spent most of my time outside (anyways, it was optional)....My mom is happy that we didn't play on the PS3 very much.

I did not clean up the basement really - too boring. But stay tuned for my next post when I tell you why it is important for me (and my brothers) to clean up the basement. I'll be taking a vote about something really cool......

Have a good day - I'm going out to play! (Hey, that rhymed)

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