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Friday, 2 March 2012

What I`ve learned from Kayla about Type 1 Diabetes!

I didn`t know what diabetes was until kayla started babysitting me.
I want to tell you what i`ve learned.

1) People with diabetes have to have a needle every day to check their sugar!

2) Kayla has to be careful about what kind of food she eats.

3) When someone has diabetes their pancreas doesn`t make the right amount of insulin!=(

4) Kayla has a pump that she wears all the time so she doesn`t have to use needles. This helps her know her sugar level.

Having Kayla babysit me is fun because we get to bake cakes, cupcakes and everything! My family helps support diabetes by sponsoring her for diabetes events and by reading her blogs. We even had a yardsale to raise money for diabetes!


  1. Great job with the blog and explaining diabetes, Ky! You can help lots of people understand what it's all about. Keeping asking Kayla questions!