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Thursday, 19 April 2012

The 5 best and worst things about being 10

Sorry for not bloging for awhile but I'm......BACK!!!!Today I will tell you the five best and worst things about being 10!!!!

Let's do the BEST first:

1. My mom and dad usually let me stay up later.
2. It's easier to win against littler kids when I am playing soccer.
3. I'm a pre-teen!
4. I get to play more sports at school.
5. I can stay home alone - IF my parents would ever let me! (But they don't....booo!!!)

The WORST things:

1. I am still not allowed to see R rated movies,
2. My parents always make me do stuff - like clean up and help with everything - and not my brothers.
3. My younger brothers always blame me for things they do (because they don't want to get into trouble)
4. I want to have my own credit card, but I can't!
5. I am not old enough to have FACEBOOK!

BTW- The basement challenge is NOT going very brothers and I cannot keep it clean - I don't know why? My mom says it's because we don't really want a dog - but she is wrong.....Do you have any ideas to help me and my brothers keep the basement clean?

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