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Monday, 14 May 2012

Heros and villians Show down!!!

I have watched all the hero and villian movies except for like the girl ones and I just saw the avengers  a week or 2 ago!!!So I thought it would be cool to do a show down with you.

I will give you two battles and the definitions of the battling characters then you comment who you think will win!!!

First Battle: Hawk-eye(avenger) vs. Lex luthor(DC villian)!!! Hawk-eye is a brave super hero and human and is an expert with a bow and arrows and his aim is 100% out of 100%!!!

Lex luthor is a super villian and he is supermans main villian. His armor is a Robotic battle suit which increases strength! He is smart and he knows alot about technology!!!

Second battle: Thor(avenger) vs. loki(Marvel) Thor and Loki are brothers and arch enemies!

Loki is a villian that has super strength, mystical powers, telepathy and can teleport him self!!!

Thor is the god of thunder, lightning flashes when he throws his hammer he is a super hero and super strength and super speed, he can manipulate the weather and he can heal!!!

I will post my thoughts in a week have fun picking your battle winners. Good luck and have fun!!!! can't wait to read your comments!!!! KY.M


  1. I think Loki will win because he can teleport himself to an unknown location that way Thor can never find him!

    P.s curious to know what the girl super hero movies are? haha!

  2. there like tangle and wonder woman!!!!!!